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Morning lunch

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"Country" weekend

at the Pré aux Anes

Morning lunch

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"Charcuterie" weekend

at the Pré aux Anes


Are you looking for a gift idea for,

your spouse, friends or a member of your family?

This person loves quiet spaces and dreams of being in a secluded and serene place ... You have found the perfect place!

"Le Pré aux Anes"

Our offer includes: (see photos)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

One night for two people with evening meal and breakfast at the price of 72 €.

a bottle of rosé will be offered to you on your arrival !!!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


This charcuterie workshop will allow cordon-bleu apprentices to cook with Jacques, during an initiation into new home-made "back to the land" trends. Grandmother's good recipe for cooking while having fun, in an unusual sleep, in peace ...

meet at "Le Pré aux Anes

Our offer includes: ( read weekend detail)

Cutting and manufacturing training.


Two nights for one person with full board (arrival the day before) at a rate of 250 €

Le Pré aux Anes 505 route du Barris 26140 ALBON  tel  07 84 12 43 93

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